Johnny Was

Clothes made from California sunshine

Johnny Was adds a bit of California sunshine to a woman’s wardrobe. Everything about this clothing line is high quality and beautifully juxtaposed. The designers share a deeply rooted value of experiencing the world and embracing its bohemian beauty, and these values come through in the care each piece is made with. Like the most inspiring artists, their work makes a statement, defies trends, and possesses a timeless ease.

Johnny Was white top.jpg

Johnny Was a good man

The Johnny Was collection was born from Eli Levite’s kids playing Bob Marley’s songs on repeat in California over 30 years ago. Much like the song that inspired them, these pieces can be worn again and again.

Johnny Was offers clothing that complements any closet, but stands out as art pieces at the same time. Vibrant patterns paired with everyday neutrals. Flowy, easy to care for fabrics that don’t sacrifice luxury. Vintage gypsy meets modern chic.

Most importantly, women feel good wearing Johnny Was.

Johnny Was and Ginger Laurier

When selecting designers to bring into Ginger Laurier, we think of the women who visit our shops. With Johnny Was, we think of a free-spirited woman who doesn’t feel the need to follow fashion rules. We think of a woman who is comfortable lounging around her home, poolside on vacation, or attending a social gathering in pieces that set her apart from the status quo. She is unique, authentic, and genuine. She values quality craftsmanship and brings a pop of colour to the lives of those around her.

Just like Ginger Laurier, the woman who wears Johnny Was is confident and elegant, but a little bit bohemian.

What’s in store

Johnny Was has grown to include a handful of lines. At Ginger Laurier, we predominantly carry the Johnny Was Collection: flowy tops, breathable dresses, and silky scarves designed by Biya Ramar. They capture individuality, promote creativity, and embody what the bohemian lifestyle is all about while still looking and feeling elegant. Rich and vibrant colours pop against neutral pieces made from gorgeous fabrics.

Johnny Was collection kimono.jpg
Johnny Was collection dress.jpg

If you’re looking to upgrade your go-to trousers and skirts, the Pete & Greta line is the place to start your search. Biya Ramar designed this line to be comfy and casual, but the details make these utilitarian styles chic staples in any woman’s wardrobe. The intricate details bring this line beyond your average basics.

Biya is another favourite line of ours, also designed by Biya Ramar. These long dresses are flowy but sophisticated. They give a refined woman a bit of an edge. They feel natural and polished.

Johnny Was Biya line dress.jpg

Wearing Johnny Was

We love that Johnny Was can be paired with anything. It’s vacation ready, but brightens a wintery wardrobe. Comfy enough for gardening at home, but nice enough to wear out with your girl friends. It’s our go-to designer for any occasion.

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We’re the first to admit—Johnny Was is not everybody’s line, but if you like it, then you love it.

If you’ve ever visited Ginger Laurier, you know that our pieces move fast. Visit us in store or check our Instagram to see the most recent arrivals!