Chan Luu

Curate your unique style with Chan Luu

There’s just something about Los Angeles’ designers that we can't get enough of. They offer quality we can't find anywhere else!

We're loving Chan Luu especially this season. Well—every season. Can you blame us?

Each of Chan Luu’s pieces brings a bit of California’s free and feminine style to Calgary. It’s like a little slice of California sunshine in our stores! Take a bit of that sunshine home with you in the form of a Chan Luu pearl necklace, cashmere scarf, or summery dress.

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Chan Luu apparel and accessories

Chan Luu started with jewellery. Wrap bracelets, necklaces, earrings. Elaborate beading and beautiful pearls. Each piece is interesting and feminine. Each stone carefully selected and strung. Each pearl shines. A mixture of textures form lines unlike any others that perfectly blend into your wardrobe.

Then there are Chan Luu’s cashmere-silk blend scarves. Cashmere is a natural material, oh-so-soft, and these beautiful scarves come in all kinds of colours.

The effort that goes into a single scarf is nothing short of inspiring, and all the work is worth it when you wear one around your shoulders. We love that the Chan Luu cashmere we carry is also large enough to double as a shawl in the warmer months!

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And finally, Chan Luu offers women's apparel that shows personality. All Chan Luu’s apparel brings together her familiar combination of natural materials and luxurious designs into tops, dresses, skirts, and tees. Basic whites complement intricate prints, and all showcase an effortless silhouette. We love the soft silk dresses and skirts that drape beautifully, and her matching sets that can be worn together or as separates.

Add a casual elegance to your wardrobe with the addition of a Chan Luu piece!

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Her story starts in a seaside town

Chan Luu’s first jewellery was crafted from seashells. She grew up in Nha Trang, a seaside town in South Vietnam. She wandered the beaches as a girl, collecting beautiful pieces to turn into jewellery. From this creative beginning, Chan went on to study business, then fashion design. Her namesake brand was formed in 1996.

Even though Chan Luu doesn’t have enough hands to make each piece on the beach herself anymore, all her jewellery, scarves, and clothing is still hand crafted. Skilled artisans bring her designs to life, some of which come from inspirations in her little seaside town.

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Chan Luu skirt and top.jpg

Now, however, the Chan Luu brand draws from various cultures, all with the purpose to create pieces that look and feel natural yet elegant. A unique inclusivity of international trends and tastes. The goal is to help women to feel good by curating their individual style. Even though two women might buy the same necklace, each would wear it differently.

The personal connection between designer and buyer

Anyone who tries Chan Luu becomes a lifetime lover. The quality of materials sets these pieces apart. The materials are carefully selected, whether for jewellery or clothing, and only the best is used.

Chan Luu has always been excited by her work. Years later, Chan still says that her studio is the most exciting place in the world for her. And the love—you can see the love that goes into each item.

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Chan Luu has said in the past, “I want to have a connection with what I wear.” She gives her following the same opportunity. Ensuring that this popular brand is still handmade despite it’s growth creates a special connection. Each item has more character than machine-made pieces. Each item passes directly from designer, to creator, to the hands of the women who love it.

We try to keep a selection of Chan Luu items in store. We just love her designs! Others love Chan Luu too, though, so some items move fast. Follow us on Instagram or visit us in store to see our current favourites.