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A New Year of Fashion

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

As the new year and decade begins we can’t help but look back at the fashion trends that we thought were winners in 2019. The past year of fashion has been refreshingly fun and wearable.

Colour - We saw a new range of earthy tones such as browns, oranges, reds and yellows that mixed beautifully with blacks, greys, silvers and more.

Pattern - Wearing prints inspired by animals was HUGE. There was everything from realistic recreations of python and leopard skin to loosely-inspired versions with colours such as pink and blue added.

Comfort - Athletic-leisure style continued to be a great option especially for those travelling.

Faux Fur/Shearling - This plush texture was especially perfect during the last 4 months with the cooler temperatures in Alberta. Colours, patterns and plenty of style options made it easy for almost everyone to find a vest, jacket or sweater.

Sparkly Details - This was not just a look for the holidays. Sparkles were everywhere and very on-trend.

Pant Styles - At the beginning of the last decade low-rise pant style was the number one choice when it came to style. Now, ten years later, anything goes when it comes to pant styles. The most popular style this past year was the slightly wider-leg with a cropped length. Pant legs will get wider this year and there will be awesome styling options when it comes to pairing with tops and jackets.

Wardrobe Planning - How and why to build a capsule wardrobe was discussed in some of our past blogs. Having a functional wardrobe that mixes and matches is such a cool idea. It gives you lots of styling options and is guaranteed to save both time and money.

New Year, New You

We are so excited to see the new styles for the next year and they fit beautifully with all of the 2019 winning trends. Some notable details we are seeing are:


Footwear is a great way to add a fresh new look to any outfit and the street runner or casual sandal is best bet for every day comfort. Sneakers are very fashion forward this year. Nothing is boring and you’ll love all the interesting footwear details such as grommets, platform soles, colours, textures and zippers. We can guarantee you’ll have lots of casual and stylish footwear options!


The colours for the upcoming season are bright and exude energy and there are so many ways to add these colours into your wardrobe. Try adding colour updates into your footwear, a blouse, or a scarf. Animal prints and interesting textures are still going to be a must have.


This year there will be volume in knitted sweaters. Oversized sweaters can be styled with a half-tuck to show off a belt or paired beautifully with a skirt.

Sustainable Fashion

Ethical fashion has been much more than a trend and we feel it is important to talk about why. We want to know what we’re buying. We always try to look for ethical manufacturers and want get to know the designers personally. We look at the style, design and quality of the garment, as well as the intention behind how it was made.

A Word About Online Shopping

Online shopping has begun to change how we shop. It’s sometimes convenient to buy online but did you know the impact this has had on the fashion industry and our planet? CBC recently published these shocking and worrisome statistics...

The increase of the volume of returns has exploded by 95 per cent over the last five years. And in Canada alone, we are returning $46 billion worth of goods every year. And you think, OK, what's the big deal? Well, the problem is that — especially when we're returning online — a lot of these products end up going in landfills.”

We wish you happiness, health and great fashion in the year to come. Cheers!


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