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Comfort, quality... and still cute!

Birkenstocks are a long-time favourite at Ginger Laurier

We told you a while back that the story of Ginger Laurier started with a pair of Birkenstocks, but we realized that we haven’t told you much else about this brand that we love!

Now—sit tight for our raving review of these extremely comfortable shoes.


The Birkenstock name dates way back to a German cobbler in 1774. In 1896, a Birkenstock descendant—also a cobbler—began creating and selling his flexible insoles. That’s where the values of quality, comfort, and support began. Contoured arch support, a complete manufacturing facility, and training courses on the “Carl Birkenstock System” came next. Physicians and podiatrists endorse the Birkenstock brand even before they created their first "fitness sandal" in 1964.


Birkenstocks brought their contoured arch support into the US market in 1966. Our owner, Donita, began her mail-order Birkenstock business after quickly falling for the comfortable shoe while rock climbing in California. A few years later, we still keep plenty of styles and colours on our shelves!


The benefits of Birkenstock shoes are simple: They're good for your feet! Over time, the cork sole curves to your feet offering a personalized arch support unheard of in most other shoes. That means no more foot pain after breaking these in.

The contoured footbed changed the make of shoes for the better. Anatomically shaped insoles that offer support just didn't exist before Birkenstocks came to be! Years later, this brand still impresses us. Take a look around our shop—you'll likely see at least one of our girls wearing a pair.

The best part? You will never sacrifice style for comfort when you choose a Birkenstock shoe. Just stop by our store to see for yourself!


The styles might differ, but the Birkenstock signature footbed stays the same.

Cork, natural latex, and jute create the classic Birkenstock footbed known for its quality and comfort. The company sources these materials sustainably and the Birkenstock production facility even uses environmentally-friendly adhesives and production methods. We're sold!

How do they do this? For starters, the cork used is the same used when bottling wine. Birkenstock repurposes the overproduction of cork into the shoes your feet love. Their natural latex comes from rubber trees—another renewable resource. Jute is a moisture-wicking vegetable fiber that adds sturdiness. Natural never felt so comfy.


How do you care for these natural materials? First, pay attention to where you leave your Birks. Direct sunlight and hot cars are not the place to keep these shoes. Campfires and fireplaces are best avoided too—wet Birkenstocks should dry slowly in open air.

An extra step you can take for your well-loved shoes is applying Birkenstock Cork Sealer to dried cork. A preventative measure: Apply Birkenstock’s Water & Stain Repellent to your shoe and sandal upper layers (the leather and suede parts). If your Birkenstocks are dirty, their Cleaner & Refresher does the trick!

As always, our team is here to help if you have any questions.


There’s a sandal (or shoe) for any style when you fall in love with Birkenstocks!

The unique-to-you footbed should fit just right before you start to break them in. They are also made in European sizes, so it makes fitting a little trickier sometimes, but our team is trained to help you find the perfect fit for your feet. Just ask us to find your size the next time you stop by.


A better question: What's not new in store?! Our selection of Birks is ever-changing as our shoppers scoop up the latest colours and styles. We always have a new order on the way!

Visit us in store or check our Instagram and Facebook to see the latest Birkenstock styles.

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