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Breaking the Fashion Rules

Although some refer to “rules” when it comes to fashion we believe there are no set rules. However, there are certain guidelines to help everyone find the their best look. We believe everyone should always feel free to do what’s right for them and their lifestyle. What works for one person may not work for another. We all want to get dressed and feel like we are our best version of ourselves right?

One, Two, Three Pieces

The idea is to add a finishing touch to every outfit. For example, a pair of pants and a top are the first and second pieces. Add a third piece and take the outfit to the next level. The result is a more put-together look.

There are some tips and tricks for using these guidelines. A “third piece” will be from one of these categories:

1. Jackets/ Blazers/Cardigans/Vests/Coats

Patterned or printed blazers and jackets are great to add to basic neutral pieces. In the case of jackets, coats, and blazers, you get what you pay for. Spending a little more will usually pay off in the long run with a piece that can will work season after season. Leather jackets are always a good idea and give a classic look.

2. Accessories: belts, scarves, hats, and statement jewelry.

Statement necklaces always take an outfit to that next level. This is a great technique in the spring and summer when it might be too hot to layer with a sweater or jacket. Jewelry, such as layered Chan Luu or Megan bracelets always add interest and that final touch to an outfit.

Don’t forget our new Brave belts, handbags and glasses are accessories too.

Three Ways to Wear It

Create versatility and try to buy an item that you can style three different ways. For example try to take a pair of denim pants and style with a Mos Mosh blazer for a smart casual look; wear a Johnny Was blouse for a bohemian vibe; and a leather jacket for an evening out.

You can wear various styles regardless of your body type or age. It’s all about getting a good fit and pairing tops and accessories that make you feel good.

Pants - Cut and Style Options


This style looks good with a hem that almost skims the floor. Some will argue that if the bottoms drag a little, it just gives a worn look that is much cooler? Um...maybe, but this can look a little sloppy for some tastes.

Straight Leg

Straight leg pants are a very clean and preppy style. They look best when hemmed or rolled to a crop length and worn with a pair of pumps or flats. If wearing them full-length, the hem should hit about an inch from the floor.


Perhaps one of the greatest things about the skinny jean is they are so easy to wear. Most types of footwear - boots, flats or heals can all look awesome. Versatility rules here. Roll them up to a cropped length; leave the hem about an inch from the floor so that it hits just at your ankle; or tuck them into an ankle boot.


As the name implies, a bootcut pant is designed for a boot to be worn underneath. When you hem this pant try to allow it to hit the floor with just a hint boot showing. Bootcut can be styled to give a classic look. When not wearing a boot try a pair of pumps. This cut of pant will elongate the leg.

Cropped, Cropped and More Cropped ⭐️

The most popular style this season is cropped. This style looks amazing on everyone. It’s all about finding the best top, jacket and footwear options. Either flat or heeled footwear looks great with this cut.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. Try the different cuts and decide if you like them. We are always happy to share fashion advice so you know how to style these looks. It’s all about getting a good fit and pairing pants with the most flattering tops and accessories.

Tip: A good fit can make all the difference. We can help if an alteration may be necessary and Ala, one of our “Gingers”, is a skilled seamstress who can offer alterations at a very reasonable rate.

We are not made with cookie cutters - each of us has our own unique shape and lifestyle. So what is our advice for having style? Always go with your heart. ❤️

Get ready for the greatest show on earth - In our next blog we’ll talk about adding a unique Stampede fashion flare to your style. We’re proud, locally owned small business and believe it’s cool to go all out or just add a touch of yahoo!

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