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Capsule Wardrobe Updates

In one of our earlier blogs we talked about building a capsule wardrobe. What does this mean? The simple answer to this question is your closet will have a very select collection of jackets, tops, bottoms, dresses, skirts, footwear and jewelry.

The goal is to end up with a functional wardrobe that mixes and matches and gives lots of styling options. Important questions to ask are:

1. Does it go with 3 other items in your capsule?

2. How many outfits can you create with this item?

3. Does it fit with your personal style?

4. Does the fit and fabric work for you?

5. Will this work with your lifestyle?

Remember nothing is perfect and a wardrobe will always be a work in progress. In our opinion this is what makes fashion so fun. A few things we know with a capsule wardrobe is:

✔️ Do not focus on a set number of items. A capsule wardrobe isn’t about having a select amount of clothes. It’s more about creating a functional wardrobe that works for you. It is important to have a wardrobe that can accommodate the weather fluctuations in Alberta or any travel destination.

✔️ Too many trendy items may amount to pieces that don’t mix and match easily. Pick a couple of trendy pieces, add some classic pieces, and everything is super wearable.

✔️ Stay focussed on quality. When you have a carefully selected wardrobe, you can focus on having quality pieces to wear and will look better, and last longer.

This coming season brings many new and exciting updates we are loving. The colours, textures and styles are a bit of a departure from previous years and this is very cool. Animal prints, velvets, vegan leather, faux furs, and earthy tones are coming on strong.

It’s good to get extra mileage from basic pieces that can adapt and transition from one season to another. Also, we can appreciate pieces that can be styled casual or dressy.

Prints and Textures

Wearing prints inspired by animals is on-trend. There is everything from realistic recreations of python and leopard to loosely-inspired versions with colours, such as pink and blue added. Wear a little or be bold and embrace this style with a jacket, sweater, blouse or pants.

Earth Tones

Finally we are seeing a new range of earthy tones to embrace. Browns, oranges, reds and yellows can be mixed in with blacks, greys, silvers and more. We know it’s not always easy to add new colours into your life. If some of these colours don’t suit your hair or skin colour consider a pair of boots or pants in these tones. Just keep colour that doesn’t suit you away from your face and try something new.

Interesting Touches

Bows, lace, studs and other details look amazing. They take an outfit and really amp up the style. Have fun with this look.


Yes cardigans are still here with little updates of colour, texture and length. Wear these gems with almost everything and you’ll always be stylish and comfortable.


Turtlenecks layer under a dress, cardigan or blazer and can stand alone in very wearable styles. They are classic and always a great piece to wear. There are heavy or light weight options so you can wear them comfortably.

Brighten it up

Don’t forget colour is our friend. It adds spice to our look and either monochromatic or pops of colour really do brighten things up and give an updated style. Whether it’s a scarf or handbag don’t hesitate to go bright this season!

This is the perfect season to add some of these new pieces and update your capsule wardrobe.

Where are you heading?

Travel in the future? In our next blog we will discuss travel pieces that make packing for your trip really easy. Hint: go for comfort and mix and match items to coordinate so you can pack light.

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