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Ginger Laurier Fashion Picks For Spring/Summer 2019

We are delighted the Spring/Summer 2019 season offers so many new styles and lots of colour. It’s so refreshing! There are many new looks to fit your style. Here are our thoughts and top picks for Spring and Summer.

Active-Leisure Wear

The active-leisure look is still on trend. The addition of pattern and fun colour accents make this wearable and great for travel. Pair with either dressy or casual and add sporty footwear.

Boho Accents

Bohemian style seems to be timeless and can be worn as a complete outfit or as an accent. For instance, a Johnny Was kimono can be paired with almost any pant or dress which makes is super versatile. If you want a more subtle look you could add a boho style necklace to a simple top and pants outfit.

Wider-Cropped Pants

Here’s a awesome new look. The right fabric and style can really be great if paired with the right top. Wider pants look best with a boxier, shorter and slightly more fitted top.

Floral Patterns

Floral is abundant. There are lots of colours to choose from and a floral pattern makes a blouse, a skirt or a pair of sandals look great.


Skirts are back and tend to be a little longer then past seasons. The fabrics are soft and have whimsical, feminine vibes. Footwear options are endless since you can pair a Birkenstock sandal, cute running shoe or pump with this style of skirt.


Blazers are a perfect way to complete a look. The blazers this season have beautiful detailing. Patterns with contrasting colour stripes or gold buttons give a classic look and big update.


Choose a jumpsuit in any colour and style. They are easy to wear, and are a very fashion forward style this season. We have several different designs and can find the perfect fit for you.


Linen is a natural fibre made from the fibre of the flax plant. Linen is always great to wear in warm weather and you’re guaranteed to feel fresh and cool. We recently brought in line of linens you are sure to love.


Shades of yellow and pink are the predominate colours this season but we are seeing many other colours too. We haven’t seen this many colour options in years so you can have a lot of fun and amp up your existing wardrobe with pops of colour. The best way to ensure you get a cohesive look is to chose accent colours that are complimentary. This means you’ll have a wardrobe with clothing and accessories you you can mix and match.

An important thing to remember is lifestyle, budget and other factors should be considered. We all have our own style preferences and want to feel good about what we wear.

We love fashion and enjoy sharing our styling ideas with you. Whether it’s finding a whole new look, or adding one last piece to complete your outfit we are always happy to help.

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