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Ginger Laurier’s 2023 Gift Giving Guide

Happy December. Can you believe we are heading into the last month of the year? It can be such a busy time, but planning and organizing in December can be enjoyable.

We know you may be thinking of gift-giving, and we can help you find the perfect gift for someone special. Our store looks festive, and we are ready to help you if you want some gift inspiration.

Celebrating this season and wearing something to put you into the festive spirit is fun. Our holiday collections offer everything from dressy to casual looks.

Get Ready to be Cozy

We have cozy pyjamas to ensure your evenings are relaxing. There are various styles, and the patterns and colour selections are cheerful.

Knits are Awesome

We can offer plenty of options when it comes to knitwear. Wool, merino wool, alpaca, mohair, cashmere, and blended and manufactured fibres are great choices.

Accessory Winners for this Season

Don't underestimate the power of a great accessory. It's a finishing touch that completes your outfit and offers extra comfort.

We carry socks for men and women. There are fun-themed socks and Birkenstock knitted cotton socks that looks great with Chelsea-style boots.

Mittens, hats, and scarves are practical items to update your jacket. We have classic knitted or leather mittens to choose from. Don't forget to consider a scarf for those cold days.

Are you looking for a wallet that offers you security? Secrid wallets from Amsterdam are an excellent gift for everyone. The aluminum core in these leather wallets offers protection so RIFD (radio-frequent identification) is blocked, and your cards are safe. The wallets come in two sizes. One size will hold 1 to 6 of your cards plus paper money, and the double size will hold up to 12 cards. New colours and patterns have just arrived.

We love the reversible cozy Johnny Was blankets, which we think are the best! We now have a smaller travel size, and it has an attached bag to make storage and packability easy.

Hanky Panky panties are a great stocking stuffer. If you know this brand, you'll agree these lacy panties are the ultimate comfort.

We also have a selection of chocolates that are delicious little gifts to give to those chocoholics on your list.

You are welcome to purchase a Ginger Laurier gift card for your friends and family so they can come and shop. Just choose the gift card amount and know these gift cards never expire!

If you are buying a gift for someone, we are happy to offer complimentary gift wrapping.

This time of year can be hectic. Find some quiet time - a walk, reading a book or watching a movie can relax and recharge you. We wish you peace and joy. May the gift of love, happiness, and warmth be yours.

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