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Happiness is a Pair of Birkenstocks

What makes the Birkenstock so popular? Why do we love them so much? Is it the comfort? The vast selection of styles and colours? The ultra cool vibes? The thing about Birkenstock footwear is they have been around for a very long time...

A Brief History

Birkenstock is one of the top five global footwear brands and has 3,000 employees. It’s a sixth-generation, family-owned German company. The longevity of this company is certainly proof of the comfort, quality and their capability to introduce new looks.

The beginning of Ginger Laurier has everything to do with this footwear. Proprietress, Donita is an avid hiker and discovered the amazing comfort while rock climbing in California many years ago. This was the beginning of her mail-order Birkenstock business in Canada and happily this led to a full clothing, footwear and accessories boutique in Okotoks and Calgary.

Our Okotoks Ginger Laurier location carries a huge selection of Birkenstock styles and colours. The Ginger staff are experts when it comes to fittings. We are always happy to provide personal style assistance and advice. It’s really important to take the time to help you find the best fit and to consider what is best for you.

Maintain the Beauty

1. The Birkenstock is easy to care for. Don’t store them in direct sunlight or extreme heat such as a hot vehicle and avoid close contact with campfires or fireplaces. A wet Birkenstock should be allowed to dry slowly in open air.

2. When the footwear is new there is a light coating of sealant on the cork sole to protect them. Over time this sealant will wear off and the cork will need to be resealed so they don’t dry out. We always have this sealant in stock and are happy to give instruction on how to apply it.

3. Clean with water and apply stain protector to leather, suede and nubuck uppers. Most shoes are made with leather but we also carry a range of alternative options for vegans.

Healthy = Happy Feet

This iconic comfortable footwear is unique because of the anatomically shaped footbed. Birkenstock invented a unique footbed made with cork, natural latex, and jute. There are many styles, but the Birkenstock signature footbed always stays the same.

Birkenstock footwear is designed to take weight off the ball of the foot, which is important for people with hip, knee, foot, or ankle pain. The footbed offers good shock absorption and cushioning which is an added relief for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis or arthritis discomfort. The sandals come in wide or narrow widths and in either a soft or classic footbed. With wear the sole of Birkenstock footwear curves to the foot and offers a personalized arch support unheard of in most other shoes.

We carry the Birkenstock insoles which can be inserted easily into any other footwear for that amazing fit. Also, don’t forget to ask for the socks to add extra coziness.

Ethical Fashion

Did you know this footwear is ethically made too? The Birkenstock footbed contains cork and natural latex - both of these materials are renewable and non-toxic. The soles of this footwear are made from EVA which is vinyl, and much better than PVC. Also, almost all of the adhesives used are water-soluble and solvent free. Even the packaging is made from 90% recycled material.

Birkenstock is mindful of reducing their electric power usage when manufacturing footwear and the heat used in production is recaptured to generate extra heat to dry the cork footbeds.

Endless Styling Options

Here is where we talk about why this footwear is so cool. There are literally no style restrictions when it comes to wearing Birkenstock footwear. Pair them with a relaxed blouse and denim for a bohemian vibe or with any on-trend, active-leisure clothing.

Birkenstocks also look great with dresses and skirts. When the weather gets cooler it’s perfect to throw on a pair of socks or wear the shearling lined styles.

It seems if you love Birkenstock’s you’ll end up owning more then one pair and why not! Whether it’s your first pair, or you’ve owned many, the quality and comfort is incomparable. Happiness really is a pair of Birkenstocks (or perhaps 2, 3 or more pairs...?)!


In our next blog we will look at some of chic new pieces that have started to arrive and talk about the trends we are seeing for Autumn.

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