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How to Style Shorts This Season

We are heading into our warmest months of the year and loving all the lightweight fabrics. It's so lovely to enjoy a new season and spend time outside.

We all want to feel comfortable and confident. It might be time to look at your summer wardrobe and assess what you own and if it still serves you. You might notice you're not wearing some of your clothing and accessories. Some items may look worn after a few seasons, or you may want something new. Things are constantly changing regarding fashion trends, and we think this is good. Getting dressed should be fun and a way for you to express yourself. 

We have a good selection of shorts this year. We have various styles, fits, and colours guaranteed to look on-trend. We think that if you take some time to try a variety of shorts, you can find what you like best. 

Generally, denim shorts look best when they aren't too fitted. Try sizing up for added comfort. 

Who doesn't love shorts with a blazer? Try a blazer with denim shorts for relaxed elegance. 

A kimono adds a bohemian feel when you're wearing shorts. 

Adding heels or platform sandals when wearing shorts gives a dressier and slightly leggier look to your outfit. 

You might find a darker pair of shorts easier to dress up. 

Try styling Bermuda shorts with a button-up shirt to look fashion-forward. 

A more casual Bermuda short outfit with a striped top also looks great. Finish it with a crisp white blazer, a belt and a pair of Birkenstock sandals.

If you decide to throw a cardigan on, partially button it up. A partially buttoned-up cardigan is an on-trend look we are seeing this season. 

There are several updates you may want to consider this season. 

  1. Maybe it's time to replace your tired and worn-out basics such as tees and button-up shirts.

  2. If you wear denim, consider getting a new pair in a style you don't currently own.

  3. Don't be afraid to try something a little different. Maybe a bold gold hoop earring or a new belt will feel right for you this season. 

  4. Add a new colour to your wardrobe this season. 

We just received the perfect basic tank tops to wear alone or to layer under blazers and cardigans. These tank tops are available in many colours. 

If you are not someone who wears shorts, that's no problem. Come check out our linen collections. Casual linen sets have become a staple for summer 2024. You can read our blog, "The Best Linens," from April 19 on our website to learn more. We also have plenty of pants, dresses and skirts made from various other lightweight fabrics that you might like.

Add some colour to your summer.

The clothing, accessories and footwear colours are bright this year and we hope you enjoy wearing a few new stylish pieces this season.

Happy long weekend! 

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1 Comment

Elaine Carriere
Elaine Carriere
7 days ago

I'm looking for cropped jeans . Do you have these.

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