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It’s a Whole New Season of Denim

It looks and feels like we are heading into Autumn, and this seems like a perfect time to talk about denim pants since we will be starting to wear heavier fabrics and layer our clothing for the cooler temperatures soon. We just received new denim and have a fabulous selection. A great pair of denim is a wardrobe staple. It's one of the few items in our closet that can take us through every season. There are so many options for denim, and we are committed to guiding you towards your perfect pair.

This season's fashion trend seems to be a wider leg for all pants. We've also seen a cropped, flare, and cargo style. We know that one pant style does not suit all tastes so have a selection that includes wide, straight, boyfriend, flare, boot, and slim cuts of denim. When it comes to an indigo colour, we have dark, medium and light washes. There are also colours such as black, tan, brown and green available this season.

It's an excellent time to learn how to wear some of the newest pant styles. There are basic guidelines to keep your look current and three style questions to ask when looking for denim pants.


The cargo pant, with side pockets on the leg, are wider this season and look gorgeous with knits and cropped cardigans and jackets.

Wide-leg cropped:

The key to wearing wide-leg, cropped pants is that they hit just above your ankle bone. It doesn't matter whether you are taller or shorter in stature; ensure your cropped pants get hemmed so they are the proper length. A cropped pant looks fantastic with a footwear update such as the chunky heel, sneaker, or Chelsea style boot, which looks on-trend and stylish.

Slim Fit

There is an easy way to update the slim-fit denim style. Wear this style with a tunic, long button-up blouse, or oversized sweater.

Before committing to a pair of denim ask yourself, the following questions:

1. Do the pants fit?

If the pant doesn't fit, consider an alteration. Hemming or an adjustment on the waist can make a huge difference.

2. What footwear should I wear?

Footwear can make the outfit, so remember to wear something that compliments the vibe. A casual outfit might look good with a laid-back pair of Birkenstock footwear, and a dressier outfit might need a more polished type of footwear with a heel.

3. Do my tops and sweaters balance the cut of pants?

Wider-leg pants will usually look better with a fitted top or cropped sweater. A more fitted denim pant looks balanced with a longer jacket or sweater. High-rise pants create a nicely defined waistline and look good with a belt.

We do our best to research and address the ethical treatment, pay and occupational health standards of garment workers. We want to know how making this garment has affected the workers and the community. Building strong relationships with designers, manufacturers, and buyers is essential and helps us make informed decisions.

We believe denim pants should be part of every wardrobe. Drop by soon so we can show you our collection, give fitting tips and help you explore various styling options.

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