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It’s Birkenstock Time

You’re sure to get lots of wear when you buy a pair of Birkenstock footwear. We are frequently asked how often Birkenstock footwear should be replaced. This depends on how often you wear them and the activity you are doing. Some of you will wear your Birkenstock sandals during day-to-day activities and some of you may want to climb rugged terrain wearing them. The engineering of this footwear is quite remarkable and there are so many features that ensure your feet will be healthy and comfortable.

The Engineering

The cork and latex footbed is one of the most amazing parts of Birkenstock footwear. The shock-absorbing, highly flexible cork and latex core supports and relieves pressure on the feet. The deep heel cup promotes correct weight distribution and foot alignment. Another feature is the contoured footbed adapts to the unique shape of your foot.

The natural materials of this footwear insulate against the heat and cold. The suede lining of the footbed absorbs moisture from your feet and this is why the footbed will turn a darker colour. This is not a problem And does not harm them.

The first layer of jute forms the foundation of this footbed. It stabilises the natural cork and latex core. The second layer of jute is placed around the sides of the footbed. This increases the flexibility of the footbed and makes it significantly more durable. This layer of thick, absorbent jute helps to regulate moisture.

The Life Cycle

Is your Birkenstock footwear wearing out? How do you know if it’s time for a new pair of Birkenstock footwear? There will be signs your Birkenstock footwear is wearing and might need to be repaired or retired.


Wear on the treads will happen after lots of walking. The good news is Birkenstock footwear can be re-soled. Take them to a reputable shoe repair shop. Also, avoid extreme heat from a fireplace or fire pit since it can shrink the sole of your footwear.


You’ll notice the cork on your new Birkenstock footwear has a light coat of sealant on them. We sell a cork sealant that can be applied once the shine is no longer visible. Over time with lots of foot flexing the cork may crack. The sealant or a shoe repair shop can fill a crack.


The upper of this footwear will be leather, suede, or Birko Flor (a man-made material). Use a protector product on leather or suede before wearing. Allow wet footwear to dry away from heat. Direct sunlight may discolour your footwear so if you’re heading to the beach try our Birkenstock EVA water sandals. We have both the Arizona and Gizeh styles to choose from.

The EVA water sandals are the perfect companion at the beach. The new colour available this season is the Beetroot (second from right).

This picture demonstrates the extreme wear of a sandal. The owner wore/loved these for a decade. The sandals with disintegrating cork and damaged leather were beyond repair. This customer is now the proud owner of a new pair of Arizona style sandals.

Our customer left these sandals with us when buying a new pair. They were re-soled once and are now ready for retirement.

We just received a shipment of Birkenstock footwear. There are a few new sandals and we think you’ll love them.

The new Kyoto Birkenstock is a stunner. This adjustable suede, narrow fit, softbed gives a modern vibe!

The platform/flatform sandal is on trend and one of the season’s best. These narrow fitting Arizona lovelies are available in a white or black Birko Flor material. The black suede with white sole (pictured) is also available.

There are so many styles and colour choices and if you’re like us you may want to own more than one pair of this incredible footwear! Yes, we carry Birkenstock footwear at both of our locations and have men’s styles and sizes available. 👣

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