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It’s Going to be a Stylish Holiday Season

The holiday season has begun and we’ve picked our favourite holiday outfits. Are you attending a formal event or are you part of a casual gathering with friends and family? It’s fun to celebrate this special season and wear something to put you into the festive spirit right? We suggest you find pieces that can be styled for several events and that you will wear beyond the holiday season.

Sequins and Sparkle

Anything addition of sparkle is a great way to amp up your festivities. Sparkles are everywhere and very on-trend.

A gold and black dress with heels is perfect for a more formal look. Staying classic means you can wear this outfit for almost any event from October through March. We would recommend keeping the jewelry and shoes simple since this dress is a statement.

A sweater or blouse with a little sparkle is perfect for every day. Pair this sweater with a dress pant and heels to an office party or wear with a denim pant for a more casual vibe.


Beautiful velvet adds texture and glamour. A gorgeous jacket is the perfect amount of polish and is a finishing touch to any style.

Velvet pumps never go out of style and are a classic look with both dresses and pants.


We carry a good selection of hosiery, tights and leggings. Nude hosiery generally looks best with a more formal dress. Black or patterned hosiery and tights look good with a neutral style for a daytime event. We love sparkly hosiery for an evening out and also have a sparkly legging that can be both for day or evening wear.

Scarves and Jewelry

We believe scarves and jewelry are an important consideration when getting ready for your parties. They can add the finishing touch or take an outfit you already have and dress it up.


Our new Brave belts have arrived just in time. These Canadian made leather belts and purses are stylish and give any outfit some added definition.

Did you know Brave leathers are ethically produced and use a traditional process of vegetable tanning that is free of toxic chemicals? They use leather that is exclusively a by-product of the food industry. Brave leather reduces waste by recycling leather cuttings and remnants into leather tags and reusable pouches. 


If there’s ever a colour that says Christmas, it’s red but we don’t think you should limit your colour choice. Find a colour you enjoy wearing and add gold and silver to give it a festive touch. The trick is to add an extra pop of colour so you feel like you’re in the holiday spirit.

Dress Codes

If you’re attending an event but don’t quite know what to make of the dress code ask your host or others who have attended this in the past. Here is a an easy to follow guideline to help clarify what to wear.

1. Black Tie

Gown, cocktail dress, dressy pants or jumpsuit. Add a clutch or small embellished handbag. Wear bolder make-up and statement jewelry. For Black Tie Optional - tone down the sparkle.

2. Cocktail

Cocktail dress or an office appropriate dress with statement jewelry. Add a small handbag, bolder make-up and heels.

3. Business Formal

Wear your dressiest work outfit. Add colourful accessories jewelry and shoes.

4. Business Casual

A skirt or tailored pant with a blouse or sweater. Add shoes, a structured purse and simple jewelry.

5. Casual

Jeans, tee-shirts, leggings, sweatshirts and comfortable shoes. Be creative and have fun.

"I decided to go for a bright red lipstick to highlight my mouth so that people knew my words were important." - Cristela Alonzo

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun” - Katherine Hepburn

Shop Local

The shop local message is so much more than a trending hashtag. It affects every day of the year for local businesses such as ours and the communities where our stores are located. Local shopping releases a domino effect that touches families, schools and political decisions in your town and city. Your local purchases make a difference in your community by boosting the local economy, employing local people and building the community by giving support to local groups and charities.


This season is about sharing and caring. Whatever your traditions are during this holiday season we wish you happiness and good health. We are grateful and feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends and families. We enjoy sharing all of the new fashion and styling tips with you each season. Thank you from the bottom of our ❤️

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