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Lifestyle Changes

I think we can agree our lifestyles have changed dramatically over the last few weeks. Many of us are staying home and having fewer interactions with people. Recently the weather is cooler and more Winter than Spring but warmer weather is on the way.

If you’re like us you have probably been trying to keep busy reading books, watching programs on Netflix, cooking, starting crafts, and keeping in touch with family and friends. Another popular activity seems to be organizing cupboards and closets.

When it comes to getting dressed maybe it’s time to try something new. It doesn’t have to be something radically different. If you always wear elegant clothes today wear a sporty, retro, or bohemian style. If you always have your hair straight try wearing it curly. Be brave and confident. Use your imagination and surprise yourself. This can be a creative process and getting dressed is part of a self-care ritual. Find styles that make you feel comfortable and confident.

If your closet feels disorganized it might be a good time to reorganize. You could separate the seasonal clothing and group clothing into categories such as pants, blouses, sweaters, jackets, dresses and skirts. There is an opportunity to create space and make getting dressed more fun. Don’t keep clothing that‘s damaged or ill-fitting. If the jacket you’ve had for 10 years can’t be altered you will not wear it. You don’t have to wear every fashion trend but we believe it’s important to know what the current trends are.

Wearing Canadian designer Bano Ee Mee’s jackets are always a good choice. If you wear a Bano Ee Mee jacket with any outfit you will feel comfortable, and put together. The fabric of this belted jacket is a techno fabric called eco-suede. This makes it very soft and easy to care for. It looks great with a running shoe or sandal.

Adding a lightweight colourful tie-dye sweater is on trend and will brighten any day.

An easy dress to wear means you can style with different jewelry, footwear, scarves, wraps, sweaters and jackets. Gotta love a dress with pockets!

Graphic tee-shirts are perfect alone or with jackets.

Although our stores are temporarily closed we are still working. If you are looking for something specific, or see something we have posted on social media, please contact us. We can arrange for payment, and curbside pickup, or delivery, to you.

403-938-6146 (Okotoks) 403-474-6141 (Calgary); email - gingerlaurier@gmail.com

Tonight might be a good night to open a bottle of wine, connect with loved ones and count our blessings. We would like to say a BIG thank you to all those first responders and front line workers during this crisis. Stay healthy. ❤️

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