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Put Your Best Foot Forward

If you drop by our store, you’ll notice that our footwear has arrived and looks gorgeous. We have a vast selection of footwear this season and have joked that we could now be considered a shoe store.

Footwear is an important decision, and you’ll never regret comfortable footwear. Whether you stay with a classic style or go bold, try to find something you can wear with several outfits that fit your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your style, consider new footwear. This season of fashion is the best we’ve seen in years. There are so many options - shoes, sandals, and sneakers for you to choose from. Footwear doesn’t have to be an accessory; it can be your statement piece.

In our November 2023 blog, we talked about streetwear style, which is what people wear daily on the streets. Street style is taking current fashion trends and making it more of an expression of who we are. Streetwear footwear makes good sense when you’re planning your wardrobe for this season. Comfortable, casual footwear is still very fashion-forward this year. There are details such as the shape of the heel, grommets, bows, colours, textures and zippers.

Here are some of our favourite 2024 footwear trends:


This is one of the most wearable footwear and continues to be on-trend.

Look for unique details.


Loafers have become a timeless footwear staple that effortlessly combines comfort and style. Whether you prefer a classic penny loafer, a trendy mule, or an elegant slip-on, these versatile shoes can elevate any outfit from casual to chic.

Mules and Clogs

We tend to think of clogs and mules as more of a spring or summer shoe. Both clogs and mules work well with casual outfits and look pretty cool with a cute dress.

Anything Birkenstock

Birkenstock footbed continues to be a winning footwear. It is always the same incredible comfort regardless of the style you choose. We have been receiving our Birkenstock footwear and love the fantastic new styles and colours this season.

The suede on the new Birkenstock Lutry is lovely and has an adjustable sling back strap.

We also have Birkenstocks for men. The Arizona Bold is a new awesome style and is available in a roast and black colour.


Usually, heeled sandals and shoes elevate and give a more feminine vibe to an outfit. This season, we have footwear with classic, wedge, and on-trend-shaped heels. The most important thing to remember is to find a pair you can comfortably wear.

A wedge heel sandal gives some extra support and stability.

A sandal with colour always looks cheerful.

Slingback sandals are a pretty sandal to wear this season.

Always wear clothing and accessories that make you feel good. Defining and building a personal fashion style is a process that allows you to express yourself.

This season, the clothing and footwear coordinate beautifully together. Drop by soon to see the new collections. We are always happy to spend time with you and show you what's new.  We’re here to help you find the clothing, footwear, and accessories you’re looking for and to curate your style.

There is a saying - “Always put your best foot forward because you never know where your next step may lead you.”

If we can offer you style advice - always go with your heart. ❤️

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