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Refresh Your Wardrobe

When it comes to getting dressed, we think it’s essential to address your wardrobe basics. The best basic wardrobe pieces are functional and versatile.  It’s a good idea to review items in your closet, assess what you have, and if anything needs replacing. Often, it’s worn-out items that you wear all the time that need to be replaced.

We have some suggestions when it comes to curating your wardrobe. Look for basics that pair well with all of your other wardrobe pieces. For example, you can wear a white or black tee shirt under a blazer and then wear it with a casual skirt or pair of shorts.

It’s a good idea to look at your foundational garments, such as undies, socks, bras, and shapewear and ensure they are wearable.

It is so important to find underwear that you feel comfortable wearing. We find that both Hanky Panky and Blush underwear wash and wear well.

We have various styles and lots of colour options. 

Are you looking for a little extra coverage when you’re wearing dresses and skirts? Give our slip shorts a try. These cute shorts hug your curves and prevent thigh chafing. Also, the lace detail is pretty if you unexpectedly show too much skin.

Slip shorts are perfect under skirts and dresses and available in white or black.

Niki Biki tank tops come in a one-size-fits-all and are available in assorted colours. These tank tops are seamless and made from a soft jersey. Niki Biki tanks are great for layering under many of your wardrobe pieces.

Niki Biki tanks are awesome for layering with shirts, blazers and sweaters.

We just received our Niki Biki tank tops so you can choose your favourite colour.

Our Mos Mosh basic ribbed tank tops are available in white, black, and nude colours and are also very wearable this season.

Did you know we have camisoles and slips? These undergarments are often overlooked but allow you to wear lightweight summer fabrics without them being too clingy.

Want to keep your hand wash and delicates looking their best? Both Soak Laundry Soap and Flatter Fabric Smoother Spray are easy to use and are made with plant-derived ingredients that are environmentally safe.

We recommend Soak laundry soap. It’s a rinse-free product that is perfect for caring for your delicates and hand-wash items.

We have a 375ml or 90ml size, so you can pack Soak and use it when travelling.

Flatter is a starch-free smoothing spray for your fabrics. It helps reduce and resist wrinkles and static.

The basics are important. They are the workhorses in your wardrobe since you’ll wear them repeatedly. So, if you find your basic pieces are looking tired, drop by and see what we have. We want you to feel confident and enjoy your fashion choices when getting dressed.

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