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Styling Your Denim

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

What a great season for fashion! There are so many cool denim style options and anything goes. Here is our take on the various styles and how to achieve a polished look. Sometimes it is about getting the right fit, or adding the right top and footwear.

Here are the winning styles we are currently seeing and little tips to remember as you consider if this is something you want to wear.

Straight or Wide-Leg

Getting a great fit can make legs look longer. The length of the pant can be a little longer but not quite hit the ground when you’re wearing shoes. Try to get pants hemmed with footwear that will be worn most often with this style.

The straight or wide-leg style can be longer or cropped. Ideally, if this style jean is worn cropped it will be above your ankle. This length of the pant should not hit at the widest part of the calf. Never pair your cropped pants with any footwear that will make it look like it’s a pair that has shrunk in the dryer.

Cropped flare pant

Cropped flare pants are another trend that’s quickly becoming popular for this season and we’re hoping for the next few seasons as well. They make a wonderful alternative to skinny jeans. They’re a little tricky to pull off and you really need to know how to style them to make them work for you and your body type. Once you get the hang of it wearing a cropped flare pant can vary in length from above the ankle to higher up on the calf. Again, avoid a length hitting the widest part of your calf.

Consider wearing a heel occasionally with this style since it elongates the legs and can also dress things up a little.

If you’re petite you will want to have your cropped flare pants hemmed to best suit you.


Still a great basic. The name of this cut of pant should, in our opinion, be called fitted not skinny since it fits snuggly to the the leg from the hip all the way down the leg. Blouses with a half tuck, and oversized sweaters, look awesome if they are a little less fitted. This creates a pleasing and proportionate look.

Both tall and short boots look great with this style of pant. Short boots are stylish year round.


Active-leisure styles have crossed over from an exercise pant to a very cool street style in the last few years. There is usually not a denim option but we just had to talk about this amazing style. Wear them casual or put on a heel and dress it up for an evening out. It’s all about the fabric. Go with quality and get a proper fit. If you wear these too small or big it won’t look great. This is probably the best style for travel since the lightweight fabric and comfort can be awesome.

CUFFS - Adding a small cuff to your pants is an easy way to add dimension to your look. Simply roll the bottoms of your pants once or twice to create balance in your outfit from top to bottom. The length of the pant should be above or touch the boot. It is easy to forget balance when getting dressed. Sometimes a look might get too “top-heavy” with necklaces, earrings, scarves, or vests. This cuff adds both style and balance.

SHORT BOOTS - Short boots are a year-round favorite and an undisputed staple. The right short boot can work for almost any pant. Make sure the boot reflects the style of pant and your lifestyle. Are the pants more casual, sporty, dressy? Do you need to walk or stand for long periods of time?

RUNNING SHOES AND OXFORDS - This is a big, big trend and we love it! A cool little runner or oxford keeps the look casual and very comfortable.

PROPORTION - The general guideline is if the pant is a fitted style wear with a looser top. If the pant is a wider leg style pair wear with a fitted top. A slightly boxy short top can look great with a high rise pant.

PANT RISE - What does this mean? Rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam (right between your legs) to the top of the waistband. It usually ranges from 7 inches to 12 inches. The rise is important because it determines where it will sit on the body.

Have you noticed the rise on most pant styles has gotten higher in the last few seasons? Here is one instance where long waisted women will probably prefer a higher-rise pant and shorter waisted women will be more comfortable wearing the mid-rise styles.

1. Super High-Rise: Lengthens the leg and the waistband sits 2” above the navel.

2. High-Rise: Fit for longer bodies and the waistband sits at or above the navel.

3. Medium Rise: Fit for shorter bodies with the waistband hitting below the navel.

4. Low-Rise: We don’t see low-rise much right now. The waistband sits 2” or more below the navel.

WHAT ABOUT THE ANKLE - When it gets colder we most certainly don’t want to be outside with bare ankles. Socks and boots are the perfect solution.

Drop by if you have any questions. We‘re here to assist you and believe it is important for you to feel happy and confident. It’s just a matter of finding the right pair of denim pants, making necessary alterations, and considering styling options...

In our next blog we’ll talk about cashmere and other fabrics that make knitted sweaters worth the investment.

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