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Fashion Thoughts from Ginger Laurier

Even though we have temporarily closed our Calgary and Okotoks stores we have made a decision to continue posting our lovely Spring/Summer clothing, footwear and accessories on social media. We are including details so if you wish to buy something we can arrange purchase and delivery.

We thought this might be good time to share information about our new arrivals and talk about fashion trends.

Denim continues to be on trend and almost anything goes when it come to pant styles. Slightly wider-leg styles are popular but there is no reason we shouldn’t continue wearing a fitted leg. Fitted pants still work well with longer tunics and such. The general guideline is if the pant is a fitted style pair it with a looser top and if the pant is a wider-leg style pair it with a fitted top. A slightly boxy short top can look great with a high rise pant. Denim jackets continue to be a good way to update an outfit.

We just received the most gorgeous footwear. The colours and styles are a great way to brighten up a monochromatic outfit and the python pattern and colour combinations looks amazing with our Frockk linen collection from Australia.

Chan Luu scarves are perfect. These large lightweight cashmere/silk blend scarves measure 62" x 58" so can be a wrap for a sleeveless dress, or a scarf to give a finishing touch to an outfit. These iconic handmade cashmere/silk blend scarves are the perfect year-round accessory that adds versatility to any outfit.

We have responded to your requests to bring more colour for the warmer weather. Gold, red, pink, blue, green and white colours brighten the season. There are many options so you can go bold or add subtle accents.

If you love sparkle you’re going to be happy to know sparkle was seen everywhere when we were on our buying trips. This includes clothing, footwear, handbags, and even lipstick!

Clothing, footwear, and accessories trends for Spring and Summer are more casual and very wearable.

A recent article in Vogue puts into perspective how big the fashion industry is. Vogue talks about Italy and how “...the fashion industry is a backbone of the Italian economy—we cannot forget that. It’s a $97 billion industry that employs 600,000 people—we’re not talking small numbers.”

We research so we can know the ethical and environmental impact fashion has on our world. Issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, and animal welfare matter to us. We are proud to carry many Canadian designs such as Bano Ee Mee, Brave Learher, Glimour, Pyrrha, Leah Alexander, Soak, and Good Luck socks.

Thank for supporting us and all local businesses. We look forward to seeing all of you soon.

❤️ From Donita and all the Gingers ( Cheryl, Cathie, Sonal, Ala, Carmen, Irene, Kat, Kerri, Jennifer, and Jacki xx

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