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Welcome to a Fashionable Year

We are delighted the Spring/Summer 2024 season offers many new styles and lots of colour. It might seem too early to think of another fashion season, but this is when we start transitioning and looking forward to what's new. Here are our thoughts and top picks for spring and summer.

Have you ever heard of a style called the "clean girl" aesthetic? This aesthetic is a minimalist approach to beauty and fashion. It features fresh-faced beauty with little to no makeup, well-fitting clothes, and simple hairstyles.

Whether you dress up for an event or dress casually most days, consider refining your look. If you're wearing denim pants with a sneaker, add a blazer. If you're getting ready for an event, add a classic necklace with some sparkle.

Suiting is still on trend and looks so stylish. We see the primary colours, such as black and off-white, and gorgeous patterns. It's cool to pair suits with a loafer, sneakers or sandals.

The waistcoat is a stylish piece this season. Wear it alone or layer a button-up shirt or tee shirt underneath. A waistcoat looks terrific under a blazer.

The trouser-style pants are perfect for 2024 and looks great with a blazer. You can also pair trousers with a casual sweater or fitted tee shirt. A belt would look fabulous, but going belt-free is perfectly acceptable.

Don't Forget the Accessories

Start with a basic everyday look like jeans and a knit top or button-up shirt or tee shirt, and add statement accessories like sunglasses, a scarf, or a belt. You'll find it transforms and gives you a more polished look. It's all about throwing on one more item before you walk out the door. Consider wearing a pair of statement sunglasses, a signature scarf that will add texture and colour, a classic belt with an accent of gold hardware, or a unique necklace to accentuate your look.


Every season, we bring Johnny Was collections into our store. The Johnny Was silk scarves add a vintage bohemian vibe and never get boring.


We love a belt styled with wide-leg pants. We have an extensive selection of Brave belts so you can choose from various colours with either gold or silver accents. Brave leather is designed and manufactured in Canada, and it is ethically produced using a traditional process of vegetable tanning that is free of toxic chemicals. The leather is exclusively a by-product of the food industry.


We just received a new jewelry collection that we think you'll love. Lolo jewelry is a classic, modern style, so you can wear these pieces daily and style them for an evening out. You can wear each piece alone or layered. Here are a few tips on how to layer your necklaces.

The necklace lengths should be different. For example, a 14 and 16-inch length would layer and look great. Combine thinner chain necklaces with thicker chain necklaces and add contrasting textures.

Do you have a favourite necklace you want to show off? Make it the centre stage of your look and work around it! Your most coveted piece will become much more interesting when surrounded by pieces that complement its beauty.


Casual footwear continues to be a winner in fashion, and there are many options.

The Birkenstock footbed is always the same incredible comfort regardless of your style. They're easy to care for, and we have so many choices. For example, our metallic Gizeh pairs perfectly with the spring and summer styles.

Casual footwear has become a staple that effortlessly combines comfort and style. Whether you prefer a classic penny loafer, a trendy mule, or an elegant slip-on, these versatile shoes can elevate any outfit from casual to chic. Mules are trending and look great.


This year, there is a colour trend to wear monochrome outfits. Dressing in one colour looks polished and gives your outfit an intentionally streamlined, elegant, silhouetted look. Try adding different textures, such as a knitted sweater, cotton, silk, or leather, to give your monochrome outfit some sophistication.

We are also seeing pops of colour. Be bold and have fun with some new colour choices in your wardrobe.

Regardless of what style you feel comfortable with, keep it real. Wear clothing and accessories that make you feel good. Defining and building a personal fashion style is a process that allows everyone to express themselves through clothing and accessories.

We receive new clothing, accessories and footwear almost weekly, so drop by for a visit and stay for a coffee from our Nespresso machine. We would love to see you!

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