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What does Ginger Laurier Do?

More than just a women's clothing shop...

What else does Ginger Laurier do?

If you know our team, you know we like to go above and beyond for our ladies whenever we can.

Part of our daily mission at Ginger Laurier is to connect with the community of women who visit our stores. We hope to create a space that inspires—that offers a few minutes of content, comfort, and pure fun in your busy day.

That’s why we like to offer a little something extra every now and then. We don’t always close around 5-5:30pm. Sometimes we stay open a little longer to host private shopping parties or feature beautiful women in our community in seasonal fashion shows.


Enjoy the whole store to yourself! It’s a night out with friends that feels like a night in with friends. Curate beautiful new pieces from our selection without the stress of a busy store and spend time with your friends while doing it.

We love to help our shoppers choose pieces they look and feel great in. Our private shopping evenings mean we can offer our undivided attention in a more intimate setting. Talk to one of our team members to book your private shopping evening with friends.


We try to make gift giving (and receiving) as easy as possible for you. We offer gift certificates, or our team members can help you choose a gift for your loved one. It’s all in the presentation, too! Ask our staff about our gift-wrapping services the next time you buy a present for someone.

During the holiday season our in-store wish lists are popular, but these are also available year-round. Your special someone can stop by to see exactly which pieces are on your list.


One of our favourite evenings to host are in-store fashion shows. We try to organize a couple seasonal shows each year to show off new arrivals. A few days ago, we celebrated longer days of spring with the wonderful women in our community!

These evenings are all about fashion and friendship. We serve appetizers and bubbles, and all our ladies to stop by. We also offer fun door prizes and one-day exclusive specials on select items in our store.

How it works: Arrive a few minutes before the show. Come alone, or bring your friends! We'll grab you a drink while you browse the shop.

As for the show, women from our community model a few outfits each, and Donita—the heart behind our shop—explains why we think you would love wearing each look.

The best part: Try a few things on for size! It's so much easier to picture yourself in an outfit when you see the completed look—how it fits and moves, rather than on a hanger. Part of the fun is trying on the same outfits as our models! See something you like? Our team is ready to help you try it on for yourself during the show. Even if our lovely ladies are making their rounds through the store.

We try to make these evenings feel casual and relaxed. Everyone is either smiling, snacking, or busy trying things on. It's an evening to indulge in our individual beauty.

Come as you are to our next fashion show, or book your own private shopping event with your girlfriends. We'd love to have you!


We are always open to chatting about event suggestions or collaborations within our community. Do you have an idea for an evening our shoppers will love? Let us know!

Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on upcoming events and latest arrivals.

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