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Who is Ready for the Party?

The holiday season has begun, and we want to share some of our favourite holiday outfits. Are you attending a formal event or part of a casual gathering with friends and family? Celebrating this season and wearing something to put you into the festive spirit is fun. We suggest you find clothing and footwear that you can style for several events and will wear beyond the holiday season.

Sequins and Sparkle

Adding extra shimmer is one of our favourite ways to dress for events and get into the holiday spirit. The holiday season is about getting gilded in clothing, jewelry or shoes. We think any addition of sparkle is a great way to amp up your festivities. Sparkles are everywhere and very on-trend.

A blazer works with everything; it can dress up jeans or balance your outfit. Ensure you have one ready to finish your look; you'll never feel underdressed. We have the best blazers that have just arrived and they are available in several colours. The extended cut and ruched sleeves look elegant and will be an excellent piece to wear year-round.

Get creative with your accessories. New sparkly necklaces and earrings look fabulous. Sparkly jewelry can add a little extra to any outfit. Consider dressing in denim and add statement jewelry or footwear for an understated elegance.

A black outfit with heels is perfect for a more formal look. Staying classic means you can re-wear something for other events. Keep the jewelry and shoes simple.


Beautiful fabrics can add texture and glamour. Velvet is irresistible and can be dressed up or down for everyday wear.


The new hosiery colours and patterns will add a polished look to your outfit.


This season, we have a great selection of footwear that will look stylish with both dresses and pants.


A wrap is timeless. Choose something that can mix and match with a few outfits. There are many ways to tie a scarf so please don’t hesitate to ask us how to style them. Our cashmere, silk blend Chan Luu wraps are a perfect choice.


Some of the colours we are seeing this year are bold. Find a colour you enjoy wearing and add gold and silver to give it a festive touch.

Gift Giving

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone who has everything? Ginger Laurier gift cards are always a winning idea for your friends and family. You can choose the amount, and these gift cards never expire!

Focus on What Counts

Remember to focus on having a good time and relaxing. It's all about being together and expressing belonging, friendship, and gratitude. We hope you get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the festivities.

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