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Winter Fashion Essentials

Just a few weeks ago we were enjoying the pleasant autumn weather and then... winter arrived! There is always preparation needed to get ready for colder weather and we thought it might be a good time to talk about our fashion picks for the coming season.

Many of us will be staying home and probably travelling less this winter so it might be a good idea to have some practical choices when it comes to fashion. If you participate in a particular activity you know having the right “gear” such as clothing, footwear, accessories, and other equipment make it more enjoyable. This is also true with winter fashion for 2020-21.

The Yest quilted coat with a two-way zipper and hood is a winner for this season. Pair it a colourful floral Johnny Was pant and top and you’re ready for a fun, cheerful day.


Styles are super casual this year and the combat style boot is a great choice. Our Olang boots have arrived and are the BEST boots for this season. These boots have folding stainless steel cleats for ice and snow. Features include a waterproof membrane, comfort up to -30, and they are easy to clean. We have a short or tall boot, and a fur trimmed boot style. Colours include black, red and anthracite in the tall style; patent black and red in the short style; and black and cognac in the short, fur style. If you have never tried these drop by the store and we would be happy to show you why this footwear is so popular.

These amazing Olang boots are our most popular winter boot.

Keep your feet cozy with our new Zermatt Rivet Birkenstock shearling lined footwear. These felt red plaid beauties make a great gift for women or men.

Scarves, Gloves and Hats

Knitted hats with cute rhinestone or pearl details are perfect. As in past years, the animal prints are still trending.

Hats are essential in colder weather and details make them stylish and fun to wear.

These Kooringal felt hats from Australia are made using lightweight fabrics, offer UV protection, and are size adjustable.

We kind of have a thing for socks. They come in many colours and pattens and are sized for both women and men. Socks pair beautifully with boots at this time of year.

How about eco-friendly mismatched socks made from recycled cotton or wool? Our Solmate socks are produced ethically and this company has reduced the amount of pollutants and energy used. We love the bold colour and creative patterns!

Sweater and Layering Pieces

Start with a light turtleneck and coordinate with a scarf, puffer jacket, or a heavy coat. Assembling various textures, weights, and colours will create a great look. We have lots of beautiful new arrivals and endless ideas regarding styling.

The fine Cashmere fibres make this Danish designed Mos Mosh sweater great to wear alone or to layer with blazers and vests.

A good vest is perfect for our weather. Our Anorak vest is made with water resistant nylon and 80% of the fill is white duck down and 20% feather. This means you’ll be warm but never feel over-heated. Wear this vest indoors with a light-weight layer, or outdoors with a heavier sweater.

A sturdy two-way zipper and zip pockets make this Anorak vest perfect for outdoor activities. Each vest includes a matching pouch for storage. You’ll love the colour selection.

The most important layering accessory this year is the mask. Many of us have started to coordinate outfits with masks and there are many different mask styles to choose from. We have several styles available but, our favourite are the Johnny Was masks. These wash and wear cotton-lined, silk masks are comfortable, safe, and have a pocket to accommodate a filter.

Make this your season. The winter weather can be enjoyable if you find the right clothing, footwear and accessories to wear. Comfortable, practical choices can be fun and stylish. ❄️

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