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Find your fashion style

A midi length Peruzzi dress has all the right stylish details for everyday wear.

Spring is here! It seems like this is a perfect time to talk about what’s new in fashion and how to find your very own unique style this season.

When it comes to getting dressed we think that fashion is in the clothing, and style comes from the wearer. Defining and building a personal fashion style is a process and allows everyone an opportunity to express themselves through clothing and accessories. The goal is to find self-acceptance and to feel comfortable.

Assess your wardrobe

If we understand our style we’re more likely to stay focused and have a wardrobe that we enjoy wearing. Lifestyle and personal tastes are an important defining factor. Wondering where to start? Go through your closet and assess what pieces you wear the most.

1. Choose 6-8 tops from your closet that you love and wear most of the time. This would be a selection of tee-shirts, knitwear and blouses.

2. Choose 3-4 bottoms, such as pants, dresses and skirts.

Look at the items you choose and try to understand what they have in common. Is it the color palette, the shape, the level of comfort, or the way you feel when you wear them? Create a list of the common features you find. This will help you to understand your personal fashion style.

Our Frockk linens from Australia are the best for this season. These 100% linens are pre-washed which means no shrinkage. We have collection of blouses, dresses, pants, overalls and blouses.

What Flatters Your Body and Makes You Feel Good?

We think the most important thing is to recognize that a body shape is not a limitation, but rather a strength. When you understand what you like about your body, you can emphasize the parts you like best and balance the outfit according to it.

For example: If you love your shoulders and arms find styles to show them off. Please understand that body shape is not related to weight and our body shape usually remains constant throughout our life.

Stay True to Your Style

When you see an item you like, ask yourself if it suits your personal style. If the answer is no then don’t buy it. The trick is to know what pieces in your wardrobe will serve you best. Defining your style, and staying true to it makes the everyday dressing process easier. It also helps you to make better choices when shopping.

Building a personal style is a process that takes time, so be patient.

Another easy to wear Frockk linen blouse paired with a cheerful Chan Luu floral scarf.

We compiled a list of “new style rules” for the season.

1. Many fabrics are super easy to wear and care for. Try to find fabrics that can be machine washed. If something is not comfortable don’t wear it!

2. Horizontal stripes look good on everyone. Focus on the right fabrics and styles to get a flattering fit.

3. Classic pieces do not have to be super expensive. Quality cottons, linens and knits can be affordable and will last for many seasons.

4. Not everyone should own a black dress. If you hate the idea of wearing a black dress, or it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it’s okay not to own it.

5. Consider wearing more than one bold colour at a time. It’s a cheerful and fun way to enjoy our warmer weather.

6. Silver and gold jewelry can be worn together.

7. Know the ethical and environmental impact that fashion has. Issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, and animal welfare are important. We always ask lots of questions when we are buying our collections because we want to be educated and make good decisions.

8. Rules regarding what, or what not, to wear are guidelines only. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

9. Smile big. Happiness is contagious. Even with a mask we can see your smile in your eyes.

A Johnny Was bright multi-colour dress is perfect.

We have always loved Canadian-made Pyrrha jewelry. There is a symbolic meaning behind each piece. The artisans who make these gorgeous Pyrrha pieces tell us...

“Where some see imperfection, others see character, individuality, and strength. Inspired by antique wax seals, our beautifully flawed talismans are rich in meaning gleaned from heraldry. Each piece is sustainably handcrafted from 100% reclaimed precious metals in our carbon-neutral Vancouver studio and holds deep personal meaning for the wearer.”

“Heart of a Wolf” - This talisman features a wolf, a feared and misunderstood creature of high intelligence, fierce loyalty and deep compassion.

We look forward to seeing you soon and are always happy to provide fashion advice. We’re a proud, locally owned small business and believe small businesses are the heartbeat of the neighbourhood, the spine or the local economy, and the spirit of the town.

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