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The Best Streetwear Style

We are always interested to know what the next season will be in the world of fashion. The runways show the direction fashion is going from one season to another. Runways usually showcase designers’ creativity with ready-to-wear and couture styles.

Truthfully, we like to get inspiration from what people wear daily on the streets. This street style allows us to consider the current fashion trends and make it more of an expression of who we are. For example, it might simply be buying a stylish new pair of wide-leg denim pants and pairing it with a vintage belt. Street style is more expressive, relatable and wearable since it’s real people interpreting fashion.

Defining and building a personal fashion style is a process that allows everyone to express themselves through clothing and accessories. The goal is to find self-acceptance and to feel comfortable.

As we continue to transition to colder weather and snow has made an appearance, layered dressing becomes a more practical thing to do. Here are some of our favourite looks this season:

A slip dress might be perfect for an evening out, but pairing it with a knitted sweater will give you a more casual and wearable look. Wear with a pair of lug-style footwear for comfort. We have just received a great selection of socks and hosiery to keep you stylish and warm on cool days.

A jacket with texture is timeless. An animal print jacket with wide-leg denim and a silky blouse is anything but boring.

Did you know we have a HUGE selection of jackets and vests for any weather or activity you have in mind? We know finding the right coat is essential, and we are happy to spend time with you to explore the possibilities.

A full skirt with a casual oversized sweater is very chic. Choose accessories to make you feel comfortable. Maybe it’s a favourite necklace or boots, and they’ll look great with a leather jacket or puffer vest.

Olang boots are back and look fabulous and fashion-forward with any outfit. These boots are available in various colours and styles. This footwear is a must-have for our challenging winter conditions. Features include folding stainless steel cleats for ice, a waterproof membrane for comfort up to -30°C and easy-to-clean material.

What’s the best streetwear style, you ask? It’s what makes you feel your best. We have lots of new clothing, footwear, and accessories in-store. We are excited by what we see trending and think it will be a fantastic year in fashion.

We just wanted to thank all the lovely people who brought donations to Ginger Laurier for the CBC Calgary’s Gear Up For Winter fundraiser to help at-risk youth prepare for the cold season ahead. We dropped off all donated items at CBC on Saturday, October 28. Your kindness is greatly needed and appreciated!

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