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Travel in Style

Travelling can be fun, but knowing what to pack can be challenging. We are often asked - "What should I pack?" "How many outfits do I need to bring?" "How do I choose the right footwear to take?"

We can help when it comes to putting style into your travel. We want you to travel in comfort without compromising your style.

What you pack is determined by where, when and how long you travel. Packing for a business trip differs from packing for a beach or trekking getaway. Although the clothing and footwear choices vary, the guidelines are similar.

At Ginger Laurier, we suggest comfortable pieces that mix and match and offer many styling options. Also, clothing that keeps its shape and takes up very little space in a suitcase is ideal. A few designs we think fit this criteria perfectly are Norma Kamali, Arytight and Raffaello Rossi.

Norma Kamali has been designing and running her New York-based business for over 50 years. The best way to describe the Norma Kamali collection is it's a fashion-forward active-leisure style with an iconic look. This clothing is casual and easy to care for.

Arytight is a Vancouver-designed clothing line. It is ethically made and exudes elegance. The name holds meaning and describes it perfectly - 'Ayr' is the designer's name, and 'tight' is a slang word describing this cool clothing with a great fit.

Raffaello Rossi is a quality-made pant designed and produced in Europe. This street-style jogger pant is a perfect travel companion since it's lightweight and wrinkle-resistant. Drop by to see this new arrival.

The Tops

Include both long and short sleeves, most of which are neutral. Add a couple of tops with a pattern.

The Bottoms

At Ginger Laurier, we like active-leisure pants in neutral colours.

A Dress and the Layers

Dresses are easy to wear, but you don't need to pack more than one or two. We would suggest a dress with a classic style so you can give it a day look or add jewelry and different footwear to go out for the evening. A cashmere wrap keeps you super cozy and looks elegant. A lightweight blazer, jacket, or cardigan looks excellent in terms of outer layers.

The Bags & Shoes

You need two bags: a tote that's your carry-on item and a daily on-the-go purse with a strap that you can carry as a clutch or crossbody by night.

Clothing & Accessories Packing List

☑️ 1 long sleeve neutral colour top

☑️ 2 short sleeve neutral colour tops

☑️ 1 top with colour or pattern

☑️ 1 sweater

☑️ 1 pair of active-leisure dark colour pants

☑️ 1 pair of denim pants (any colour or style)

☑️ 1-2 dresses

☑️ one cardigan

☑️ 1 cardigan or leather jacket

☑️ 1 pair of walking shoes

☑️ 1 pair of sandals

☑️ 1 pair of shoes with a heel

☑️ 1 large-size scarf that can also be a head scarf or wrap

☑️ jewelry - earrings, necklaces and bracelets to mix and match

with all outfits

☑️ undergarments

☑️ optional - workout clothing, socks, hat, and footwear

Aside from what you're packing, here are a few travel tips:

Utilize Modular Packing Options

Cubes allow you to keep things organized. If you have cubes, you could use them for workout clothing, socks, undergarments, sleepwear, chargers and adapters.

Credit Card Security

We have imported the most awesome Secrid wallets from Amsterdam, which are available in-store. The aluminum core in these leather wallets easily holds 1 to 6 of your credit cards and offers protection so RIFD (radio-frequently identification) is blocked, and your cards are safe. We have a large colour selection to choose from.

Food is Important

Pack some dried fruit and cereal or power bars to sustain you. Delayed flights or unappetizing food choices while travelling can be so disappointing.

Our Ginger team loves to travel. We are happy to assist you when deciding what clothing, footwear and accessories to take on your next trip so you can enjoy every minute of your time away.

Bon Voyage. Enjoy your next adventure!

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