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Work from home fashion

We continue to be thankful to the first responders and front line workers during this crisis. You are truly awesome! If you are not a first responder or doing frontline work perhaps your day-to-day life has settled into working and socializing from home.

Here are a few things we have learned over the past month that help us keep our mood upbeat as we continue to social distance and stay safe.

  1. Try to do something special - Treat yourself to a special evening. Maybe it’s a home cooked meal with candlelight.

  2. Create a daily routine - Get up at a set time and organize yourself to do a few tasks throughout the day.

  3. Connect with friends and family - You can still have coffee or a glass of wine together. Social media and apps make it possible to communicate.

  4. Exercise - Try an online exercise program or head outside for a walk, run, or bike ride. This helps with the stress levels we are all experiencing.

  5. Tackle projects - Now that you have time you may want to clean and organize, start a craft, or learn a new skill. Some people like to keep really busy and others like to kick back and relax right now. Do what feels right for you.

  6. Get dressed - psychologically this is really important since it makes us feel better.

If you’re like us you’ve discovered how technology like Zoom conference calls and, more specifically, cameras make it possible for us to bridge the social gap being felt every day. Whether it’s work, a book club, or just hanging out with family and friends it’s good to stay connected. When it comes to dressing who doesn’t want to look, and feel their best?

Camera Tips

Look good, feel productive and have fun by following some basic guidelines.

Wearing bright colours or prints are the most flattering. Black is a little harsh on camera so add statement jewelry for pizazz. A Velvet, navy polka dot blouse and silk Nile, black and white geometric blouse will give a bight and cheerful vibe.

Collars look good so if you are wearing a tee-shirt throw a cardigan on to give a more polished look. A cotton Repeat cardigan and Chan Luu pearl necklace over a basic Niki Biki tank top is perfect. A Brodie cardigan is soft and lightweight to wear and the pop of green is eye catching.

An Odd Molly, grey cotton top with pink embroidered detail give a relaxed stylish look.

Focus on waist up dressing. The camera is only going to show you from the waist up so focus on picking blouses, sweaters and jackets. Add a Chan Luu long quartz, moonstone gold necklace, or silver pearl drop earrings.

Keep all your essentials at hand so you don’t have to go out of view of the camera during a meeting.

Find a room with soft lighting. The light shouldn’t be too bright or dark.

Set the camera angle so it is pointed directly at your face. Take time to see what is behind and around you when you are on camera. You don’t want something in view that might be a distraction for others.

You are welcome to shop our store. You can see new arrivals on our Instagram and Facebook and we are happy to FaceTime or coordinate a Zoom meeting so you can tour our stores. Even though our doors are temporarily closed we can coordinate no-contact pickup or deliver for any items you wish to purchase.

Take care!

❤️ from the Gingers

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