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The Best Linens this Season

As we prepared this blog earlier in the week, we thought writing about linen might seem slightly ridiculous since it was snowing outside. But as you know, Alberta weather is always unpredictable and surprising. Temperatures fluctuate, and our seasons sometimes blur into complete confusion - it's snowy and windy one day and warm and sunny the next. 

The warmer temperatures will soon be here, and staying comfortable and cool is paramount. Have you ever wondered what fabrics are the most breathable and keep you looking and feeling great on a hot day? Lightweight fabrics, cotton, silks, and other blends are all good in warm weather, but the ultimate warm-weather fabric is linen.

A simple Frockk linen dress with pockets is so versatile. 

Linen is a flax-based textile made from the fibre of the flax plant stem. Linen is always a good choice on warm days. You're guaranteed to feel fresh and cool when wearing linen. Some of you may not be fond of linens since they crease, but this is part of the charm. Linen clothing is comfortable and soft once it relaxes but will not lose shape. You may want to give linen a light press with an iron or a steamer for garments before wearing it. If you layer linens, you'll notice they don't usually feel bulky and make you feel too warm..

Linen and linen-blend blazers, shorts, dresses, and blouses from designers like Velvet, Frockk, Repeat, White Stuff, Spirit of Time by Oui, and JC Sophie have just arrived. 

Our linen collections are fabulous, and the linen clothing from Frockk is remarkable. Frockk linen is designed in Australia and made in Bali. This clothing is pre-washed, which means there is no shrinkage. The use of non-toxic dyes gives all the fabrics its beautiful colours. Frockk is handmade in Bali by skilled sewers who work from their homes to allow them more time to spend with their families. These workers work in safe conditions and receive fair wages. Frockk offers wearable styles with several colour options. We love that most of Frockk's clothing has pockets.

We think a bold dress, fresh sneakers and a backpack look stylish this season. 

Linen overalls are fun and so cute. The adjustable straps and front pockets are perfect. Drop by to see the colour selection. 

We like linen blends, too. A blend such as cotton and linen can add a little extra weight to the fabric but give a slightly softer texture with less creasing. 

Add a layer - a Spirit of Time Oui linen blend sweater looks great with a Frockk linen button-up blouse and drawstring pants. Don't forget to check out our packable sun hats. They offer ultraviolet protection and come in various colours and styles.

Frockk linen pants are popular and available in several colours. 

We have an extensive selection of footwear that coordinates beautifully with all the new clothing at Ginger Laurier this season. There is a saying: shoes are like ice cream, there’s always room for more!

Also, if you're not convinced linens are for you, we have plenty of options for this season. A beautiful Johnny Was collection has just arrived, and we are swooning over the colours and iconic embroidered details.


A spectacular black mesh Johnny Was maxi dress with a slip underpinning has gorgeous embroidered details. 

A belted wide-leg Johnny Was pant gives an elevated casual style. 

We love fashion and enjoy sharing our styling ideas with you. Whether finding a new look or adding one last piece to compliment your outfit, we are always happy to help. 

We hope you enjoy a stylish season, and may every day be joyful. Rest assured, sunny, warm days are on the way.

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